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To Play College Football, Do This...

Everybody wants to play college football but not everyone wants to do what it takes to play at the highest level. Now you have to have certain tangibles, you have to be talented and have the right size in certain situations to play D1 college ball. But if you just want your education paid for, you need to out work the entire room. If you don’t take it seriously you won’t work hard. And if you don’t work hard, you obviously don’t want it that bad. Nobody wants to do the hard work. Everybody wants to post the cool video of them doing drills and say they are #D1Bound and buy the merch for that. But you’re not gonna do anything if your biggest priority is to film a workout to post it on Instagram. What are you doing when you’re not working? That’s why guys like Trevor Lawrence or Justin Fields have so much success so early. Do you ever see those guys post drills that they do or 7on7 highlights if it’s not from The Opening. Hell no. So why are you? They are doing the actual work and you are doing the fake work. Put in real time, real effort and don’t buy into all that bullshit these media companies portray high school football as. You want a free education? Go work for it.

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