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Train Like A BodyBuilder Or An Athlete?

Below we are going to discuss if you should train like a body builder to gain weight this off season, or like an athlete to get faster. 


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The answer is both, there is a lot of info out there saying that athletes should only be doing position specific or athlete specific training. But try telling that to a 120lb freshman in high school who needs to get bigger to play varsity. You need to add muscle to your frame. I’m one of the first guys to say that QBs & WRs need to train position specifically, however if you don’t have a core foundation first, you are more susceptible to injuries and wear/tear on your body. As football players, we play one of the most violent sports on the face of the earth. If your body doesn’t have muscle and you aren’t adding resistance to your muscles (essentially what lifting is) you are not going to be prepared for some of the hits you will take. The only way to prepare for force against your body is to add force to your workouts. So you need to lift weights for strength, AKA body building lifts. Now if you play QB, I highly recommend you focus on your legs more so than your upper body because you need to keep your arm healthy. And QBs don’t take as many hits. I would avoid bench press and heavy shoulder press. But for the other positions make sure you incorporate bodybuilding lifts into your routine. Even if it’s just 1-2 lifts. If you’re already big enough- you should focus on doing more athletic movements but you still can’t neglect weight training. You need a mixture of both to be a successful athlete. Perfect example is Michael Jordan- the dude played basketball and in the beginning part of his career he battled a lot of injuries. Until he started lifting. He’s a basketball player why does he need to be big? He doesn’t get hit all the time? But even the slightest force and contact against your body can lead to injuries if you aren’t prepared. 

If you guys would like a 4 month daily training schedule for WRs to follow in the gym, with a great combo of bodybuilding exercises to get bigger and position specific exercises to improve on the field, checkout the link below!

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