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WEIGHT To Play D1 Football

Below we are going to discuss the weight needed to play D1 football and why you SHOULD NOT put a ton of emphasis on how much you weigh but also shouldn’t neglect it. I hope this can help! 

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Okay, so anybody who has ever played college football, I don’t care what level, talks about how they will put weight on you when you get to college. It is one of the most grueling processes in the college football world… but let me tell you, it works. So the reason why I bring this up is because you don’t need to gain A TON of weight to impress a college coach. A college coach cares more about height. Weight they can change- just look at Travis Hunter. 5-Star recruit, number one in his class. Dude was probably 165lbs in HS. But what did he have? He had height and crazy speed. And was a straight up baller. That’s what college coaches want. They didn’t go, “oh Travis Hunter is only 165lbs we aren’t going to offer him” Their mindset was, “he is the best player in the country, we will put weight on him when he gets here”.But on the other end of things, you can’t weigh 130lbs and expect to play high level college football. So there is a balance. I would say if you are 170lbs and above and you play a skill position you will be fine. Don’t get me wrong, you need to gain weight but it won’t make a college coach turned off on recruiting you. He will want to put weight on you when you get to college. Also, very important for skill positions… keep a low body fat %. You don’t want to gain a bunch of fat and lose your speed.

For Lineman I would say maybe above 240lbs and for RB/LB I would say 185lbs or more. These are by no means what you HAVE to weigh. There are so many more important things than your weight. But it’s just a good goal to shoot for if you are an extremely undersized kid. I hope this helps! 

If you are a WR and need to gain weight, checkout the link below for a 4 month workout schedule that you can use to help you gain muscle/size but to not lose speed! ⬇️⬇️

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