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What All Athletes Can Improve

Something all football players can improve on is speed. If you don’t have speed you will not be able to play at the next level. That is just flat out the truth. Everyone at the highest levels of college football is fast and explosive. You have to be fast and explosive as well in order to compete with them. Your speed is developed on the field, in the gym and with stretching. On the field you can do a lot of resistance training, band work, Hill work, sled work etc. those are probably the best things for you and practicing good running form will help you. The biggest change for me when it came to speed was stretching, I remember I could not get my 40 below a 4.9 and I finally ran a 4.67 which was the highest it ever got because I would take time to stretch every night. Stretching forced me to stop fighting my body, I could actually stride out and run. Stretching is so important, I recommend at least 15-30 minutes every night. Lastly, the gym is how you build speed, doing exercises that build your fast twitch muscle fibers combined with the right approach (sets and reps) will dramatically change your speed. If you want a 28 day workout plan to improve your speed and make you a more explosive athlete so you can be ready for the next level, click the link below! ⬇️