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What All Young QBs Should Do

Younger QBs need to focus hugely on development. There are two main things I think every young QB needs to do. First and foremost they need to improve their mechanics. They will not develop if they have poor mechanics and a lot of times it is on their coach. Anytime I get a young QB to work with, I spend a huge amount of time on their mechanics. We focus heavily on developing their motion so it doesn’t hold them back in the future. If you have flawed mechanics and you get into the high school and collegiate years, it is very hard to correct because you have already had so many reps at a certain throwing motion. It’s best to fix while you are young and accomplish the harder things as you get older such as the more advanced throws(off platform etc.) Secondly, football IQ is a must learn for young QBs, if you go into high school and have no idea how to read a defense you will get crushed. It’s a mistake I made when I was younger. I was always a decent athlete so it made up for my lack of IQ but things would have been 10x easier if I had an understanding of where defenses would be and what they were going to do. If you want a place where you can learn both, click the link below to become a site member. We offer film breakdown submissions for throwing mechanics, you send me your film and I breakdown your flaws along with give you drills to improve those flaws. And you’d also receive access to 100+ coverage breakdowns where we discuss how to read defenses. Click below to sign up! ⬇️⬇️

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