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So fake offers are commonly referred to as “non committable offers”. The reason why I write this article is to inform players that nothing is official until you sign and you need to be asking the right questions when speaking with a college coach about a scholarship offer.

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So non-committable offers are exactly how they sound. You cannot commit to that school when they give you an offer. It’s almost like a verbal offer or a “potential offer”. These are commonly given out to underclassmen. You cannot receive an official committable offer until the summer before your junior year. So anything you see before that is a non-committable offer. Now some of you might be thinking “oh well coach I know xyz player and he has this offer”. And he probably does but the offer is verbal. I can also offer you 1 million dollars to do something and then never pay you because it’s a verbal agreement. It’s non-binding and it’s not binding in the college recruiting space. Some players are absolutely worth the early recruiting hype. They are very talented, play varsity early etc. But a lot can happen in 2-3 years. Colleges give these verbal offers out as a back up plan. Essentially they are saying “hey we think you MIGHT be good, so we are going to offer you so we are the first ones to offer you or one of the first, so you will remember us when signing day rolls around. But if you end up sucking we aren’t actually binded to this offer- but if you’re really good we are going to pretend like we always knew it”. So why do I write this? I’m not trying to discourage anybody who is getting recruited, I write this so you don’t take your foot off the gas when you get an offer. I know so many kids who get an offer, then they stop waking up early to go to the gym. They stop working hard at the field. Their mindset shifts. Then when it’s time to actually commit and they contact that coach who “offered” them- they have probably moved onto another player. If you’re not 1-3 on a colleges recruiting board, it’s very tough to land a committable offer. So when a college coach gives you an offer- your first question should be “is this a committable offer”. Even if you know it’s not, you should still ask. And if he says no- keep grinding. Don’t stop until you get a real one because the fake ones don’t last. I rarely see a non-committable turn into a legitimate offer. Simply because so much changes in 2-3 years over your high school career. If you do receive a committable one- I recommend committing as soon as possible. Then you guys are locked in. 

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