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What Can WRs Do On Their Own

So if a QB doesn’t want to throw with you, he’s not a good QB for 1 but 2, there are some things you can still do as a WR to get better.

The first thing you can always do as a WR when you have nobody to throw to you, is perfect your route running skills. You should film yourself running routes and if you can’t recognize what you are doing wrong you can have someone like me help you with a membership on my site. But your routes are always something that can be improved. Any kind of drill work can be done without a QB. Ladders, cones and etc. can all be done without someone throwing to you. Now the foundation of receivers is catching the ball, so how can you improve your hands?

You can always be doing something. Work grip exercises in the weight room. That’s going to help you catching the ball strong. Bounce tennis balls off of walls to help your tracking ability. You can even get better laying on the floor or in your bed. Throw the ball in the air and work on catching it with the webbing of your hands not in the palms. There is always something you can do. If you have a lazy QB you have to still get better. You can’t just get worse because he choses too. Film isn’t just for QBs either. WRs should be watching their opponents secondary to see their tendencies and be studying NFL players to learn new releases or ways to attack DBs. I think another important part of WRs development is learning how DBs think. So watch some film of Jalen Ramsey or Josh Norman or some DB you respect. Learn a few things because I gaurentee the DBs you face in high school won’t be that good.

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