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What Coaches Look For In A QB

When coaches are trying to pick their QB they look at a couple key factors. They look at if their QB has command of the team, command of their ball and command of their mind. When I say command of the team, I mean can they lead a group of guys. Are they selfish? Or do they put the team first? A lot QBs care too much about what the team can do for them and not what they can do for the team. Phrases like “my OLine sucks” or “my receivers can’t  catch” is just bull shit. Why don’t you actually work with them to show that you care and want them to get better? Just complaining never worked for anybody regardless of if they played football. That’s how you win over a team and win over a coaching staff. Command of the ball is all of the physical traits a QB needs. That’s being accurate, making all the throws your playbook requires and being on time with the ball. That’s the easy stuff to work on. The last one is the most challenging. Your mind. Can you slow the game down when it is a high pressure situation? How you slow the game down is by knowing your opponent better than yourself by identifying coverages, blitzes and knowing what defense they are in. A lot of QBs overlook this and think it’s just about throwing the ball. So far from the truth. If you want to learn how you can improve your football IQ and get better at reading defenses, click the link below ⬇️