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What College Athletes Getting Paid Means

Whether you agree with it or not, it has been released that athletes in California will be allowed to get sponsorship deals in California in 2023. This can be seen in a negative light or it can be seen as an opportunity. It is probably going to spread into every state in the US if I’m guessing, so this is a great opportunity for athletes to capitalize. Only about 10 guys on each team have a big enough fan base to make money off of jerseys, brand deals and etc. What do the rest of the athletes do? Social media is a great opportunity. You need to build a brand and that gives you a lot of equity. Since you are already on a big platform with your university, you get a ton of eyeballs on you. I think every athlete should have a YouTube channel like Cam Newton and whether you like him or not, Antonio Brown is killing the game on Youtube. They realize they have a much bigger brand than their own NFL teams. You see this with a lot of athletes now. You need to plan for a future outside of football but also now you can make money off yourself. Producing content on social media platforms daily, doing vlogs about the day in the life when you’re in college are great for your personal brand. This new bill being passed is huge for college athletes. That’s how you compete with the Trevor Lawrence’s and Jerry Jeudys who already have a big fan base. You start producing content on YouTube, Instagram, TikTok and brands will start to come to you. Brands want to go where the attention is at, and if you have a lot of attention socially there is a big opportunity to make some money for yourself.

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