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What College Coaches Look For In OUTSIDE WRs

So if you are a receiver on the outside you need a couple of things. 1) you need to have some kind of height to play on the outside. I would say you need to be 6’0 or above at least. And if you are not, chances are coaches will recruit you as a slot. And it’s very important that on your highlight tape you do not address yourself as only an “outside WR” just strictly WR. This is so coaches know they can play you anywhere. If you don’t have a decent amount of height, you won’t be able to play outside WR at the next level. I wish that wasn’t the case but you will be going up against DBs who are strong, physical and crazy good athletes. You need some size to help with 50/50 catches, catches in traffic and the blocking game. 2) Outside WRs need to run good routes. You will be asked to run a wide variety of routes. Curls, comebacks, sluggos, post corners etc. So you need to be able to do that. This requires smooth transitions into your breaks, an ability to sell fade, ankle stability & knee stability to make explosive cuts etc. These are aspects that need to be shown on film for a college scout and these are aspects of your game that need to be heavily emphasized in the off season. If you would like an 8 Week Daily Field schedule with all of the WR drills you should be doing to improve your route running checkout the link below! ⬇️⬇️

Then last but not least, as an outside WR you need to be able to block. If you’re on the outside and you’re not a physical dude, it’s tough at the collegiate level. If you can’t block, you won’t play. So you need to make yourself an asset in the run game. On your highlight tape it is always great to show blocks you can make downfield. This is extremely appealing to a college scout. If you can do all of these things as an outside WR, expect to gain some interest from a lot of schools. Height you cannot control but your effort in the run game & your route running you can 100% control. Get after it this off season.

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