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What D1 Coaches Are Looking For In QBs

Playing QB at a Division 1 school is a very tough task and it takes a special player, however today we are going to talk about some of the things you need to do when trying to achieve that goal!

The main question coaches ask when recruiting a kid is that “can he fit into our system”? As a high school QB you should be able to play in any system because you need a high football IQ. Learning how to read defenses and understanding coverages is so essential to play at the highest level of college ball. So many young QBs make the mistake of just having talent and they can throw the ball far and they think they can scrape by. This is not the case in college. If you can’t read a defense, you can’t play. You need to understand the basic coverage looks, be a film junkie and know how to execute on the field with timing. Everyone on the field is usually a better athlete than the QB in some cases but how you can beat them is with your mind.

Last but not least D1 coaches expect their QBs to be able to make every throw on the field. They expect you to hit the deep ball, off platform throws, throws on the run and the more difficult throws. This is what you need to demonstrate on your highlight film. You need to show coaches that you can hit more than just a slant. Because trust me, in college they are going to ask you to throw timing speed outs from the opposite hash and comebacks from the opposite hash. You need to be able to make every throw on the field if you are serious about playing D1 ball. If you need to improve your arm strength for the next level, checkout the link below for our arm strength bundle! It is a 4 week workout program specifically made for QBs to get a stronger arm and a specific step by step guide for throwing mechanics when it comes to arm strength. Everything you need to add distance to your deep ball and more velocity to your throws! Click below⬇️⬇️

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