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What D1 Coaches Look For In WRs

1)- D1 coaches look for a WR who has great speed and strength. That isn’t the most important skill I would say but you need 1 or the other. Let me explain, let’s say you are on the shorter side of things… you better be fast if you want to play D1 ball. You can’t be short and slow. (And this article is meant to inform about the D1 LEVEL, not all levels of college ball) Now on the other side of things, if you are slower… you need to be somewhat big and strong. You can’t be a slow WR and not have size. There is no specific height/weight or 40 time that you need, but you need to be able to showcase your speed/explosion/strength on film to stand out. Also if you would like a 90-day workout schedule in the gym with over 300+ exercises you can do to help WRs to get faster & stronger… checkout the link below!

2)- The second thing D1 coaches look for in WRs is their ball skills. How many drops do you have on the season? Do you catch every pass? To play at that next level you need to make the most of your opportunities. You should challenge yourself to not drop a ball in any situation. College coaches look for the guy who can make the tough catches look easy. Catching in traffic, over the shoulder catches 50/50 balls etc. So if you can showcase that on film, colleges will be intrigued by you.

3)- And the last thing college coaches look for at the D1 level is how smooth you are in and out of breaks. Are you able to sell vertical? Are you able to drop your hips violently? Are you able to accelerate out of your breaks? And also can you beat press? If you can answer those questions with your film, can catch every ball and showcase speed and strength… you will have every coach in America wanting you to attend their school. Just make sure you are mindful of your grades and make sure you take care of business off the field.

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