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What Exercises Should I Do For Speed

Speed is a very important aspect of any athletes game. There are two specific ways as to how you can develop your speed.

In the weight room is the first one. Speed ties with explosiveness. If you work explosive movements in the weight room like squats, power cleans, and plyometrics, your speed is bound to improve. Now you shouldn’t be going in there lifting super light for 10-15 reps. That’s not going to make you explosive. You should be lifting semi heavy, focusing on the explosiveness of the movement. That 1-5 rep range is where you want to be.

Second, you can improve your speed with field work. Now personally, I think resistance work is the most important. Band work, sled work, and hill work are all forms that I believe will make you faster. Now again, you should be doing these exercises properly. You shouldn’t be running 100 sprints up a hill. You should be focusing on doing 10-20 reps and taking about 30 seconds in between. Football is an all out effort game and you get time in between each play. You should train for a game time atmosphere.

There are many ways to improve your speed and that is why I am here. I want to help you guys get faster. Members on my website can send in film of themselves running and I will give them a personalized audio/video breakdown of their speed mechanics. Because mechanics are essential to be explosive. Also I would give them personalized drills to improve their weak points. If this seems like something you’d be interested in, sign up on our “plans and pricing” page. Become a member of the family and develop your speed by working with us.

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