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What Is A Fake Offer?

A common misconception about the recruiting world is that every “offer” you see on social media is a real offer. 90% of the time it is a “non commitable” offer. That means you cannot commit to a college on that offer. It is all a verbal agreement. Nothing is in writing and nothing is official. Colleges will give out these “offers” to kids so they can get them to attend their summer camps, visits & junior days. Essentially this will bring more attention and more money to a school. Now it’s not the kids fault, it’s definitely cool to be noticed by a college but you need to logically think about the situation. If you have zero high school varsity film & then a school from a power 5 gives you a scholarship…. Chances are that is not a legitimate offer. When you graduate chances are that offer won’t be valid. It is all for hype and to bring attention to themselves… also if you do happen to be a great player, they can always say they were “one of the first to offer”. If you are getting recruited by a school and want to know if your offer is legitimate, ask them if it is committable & ask them how many other kids they have offered at your position. If you play let’s say QB in the 2024 class and they have offered 25 other QBs in your class… it’s probably not a legitimate offer. That is a great way to gauge their interest level and see if they really want you at their school.

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Andrew Martinez
Jun 14, 2022

Do you have anything on kickers or punters?

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