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What Makes Jerry Jeudy The Best

Jerry Jeudy is one of the most compelling route runners in college football and a lot of people say that is what separates him from the other WRs in the game. I believe he will be an elite pro. 1st rounder guaranteed. Maybe even 1st pick of the Draft. The reason why his routes are some of the best is because he understands the concept of head and body movement on his routes. Anytime he releases off the line or makes a stick into a route he moves his entire body with the move. This is huge for separation. He doesn’t just stick his foot in the ground he is a salesman first. He wouldn’t be such a great WR without getting separation. Also, you watch any of his routes, when he makes a break it is the most sudden break out of any WR I have seen in a while. He explodes when it is a speed cut and he snaps down when it is a break down cut. Gets in and out of the break in the least amount of steps possible. That is the key for any WR. If I was a young receiver I would suggest studying the way he plays the game. If you are a true technician when it comes to route running he is the guy to look at. His releases are like he’s playing basketball making a cross over and his routes are 100mph selling the fade until he breaks it off. One of the best route runners I believe in all of football including the NFL.

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