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What Should I Work On As A QB

QB is the hardest position in all of sports. Period. There isn’t a single position that has to know every single responsibility of every single player in any game. Now what can you be doing to make sure you are an effective QB on your team and can win games?

I think the main thing every single QB over looks is the mental side of things. Not just the playbook(which is important) but what goes through their mind as they step on the field. Every QB should have a sense of unshakeable confidence that you cannot beat. Now I don’t just mean telling yourself “you can do it” over and over again. I mean, you prepared for this and you know you are ready. There won’t be anything this defense throws at you that you aren’t prepared for. Now all of this ties back into work ethic. If you work your face off, study the playbook and film every single day for hours, you will feel this way on the field. Preparation breeds confidence. You can’t come out unprepared and expect to have things go your way. It just won’t. The game rewards hard work. But I have also seen the other side, guys who have worked super hard but their mindset is weak. The second something goes wrong they panic and everything they learned goes out the window. As a QB you need to be bulletproof. Nothing a defender, fan, opposing coach, or anybody says or does can affect you and your mindset. If you let what other people say effect you, you will not be successful. For a QB the game is 80% mental. A lot of guys can throw the ball, but it is what goes on in between the ears that separates the draft picks from just another college QB.

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