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What Should QBs Be Doing In The Weight Room

QBs are unique athletes, in my opinion I do not believe they should be lifting like linebackers or linemen in the weight room but sometimes the weight program at the school can’t be customized to their position. And that is understandable. I am not saying go against your strength coach, this is work you should be doing on your own time. 

QBs don’t need to be bench pressing in my opinion or doing heavy overhead press, they should be doing a lot of exercises for shoulder mobility and stability. Anything with bands for your shoulders would be great. Not a lot of stress on your shoulders and it helps with your flexibility as well as strength. Now push ups are great as well because you do have to work your chest. But the MOST IMPORTANT things every QB must work is their LEGS AND CORE. If you are a QB and skip leg day, you aren’t going to throw the ball very hard or far, all of a QBs power comes from his legs. Anything for your legs is great for QBs, that is where you produce ground force from so you want to be as strong as possible. Now your rotational force comes from your core strength. Anything for your core is great. My personal favorites are any kind of exercise where you rotate. Med ball rotations or Russian twists are great exercises for any QB. You must have a strong base (your legs) and a strong core to play the QB position.


QBs need to workout. It’s just the truth. But how we train is different. Everyone thinks QBs are soft and don’t like to workout but we work harder than anybody on the team, and if you don’t, you’re not cut out for the position. There is no excuse for that. We need to work as hard in the weight room as we do on the field. 

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