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What WRs You Should Study

WRs need to study players that are at the top of their game but who are the right guys to study. These are the players that I always suggest to look at. If you are a smaller WR I would suggest studying Julian Edelman. I don’t think he gets enough credit for how technical he is with his route running. Always gaining separation and that is usually a tough task for smaller guys. He is tough and never drops a ball. Another guy to study is Tyreek Hill. Quick feet off the line and speed obviously is what gets him open but if you really pay attention what he does is technical. For you average size guys like 6’0-6’2 I would study Davante Adams. The BEST route runner in the game. Everybody can learn from him and lastly for you taller guys, I would study Julio Jones. The way he is able to move at his size is so impressive. Not a lot of people like him in the NFL. Now all WRs should be studying one thing in common. Coverages and defenses. None of this other crap matters if you don’t get the ball, and how you get the ball thrown to you is by being on the same page as your QB. Knowing where he is looking and where the holes are in each defense. Swipe up to learn how receivers can improve their football IQ. ⬇️

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