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What You Should Be Eating

A lot of athletes want to put on muscle but aren’t eating the right things. Yesterday it was the 4th of July and a lot of you probably ate terrible. Myself included. It’s good to have cheat days. But how many of those are you having a week? And it shouldn’t be an entire day. It should be 1 meal. A lot of you have entire cheat weeks. That’s why you never see the gains you want to see in the weight room. You need to be working hard both in the gym and in the kitchen. And I am nowhere close to a dietitian, But it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure this stuff out. When I was in high school, I gained 30 lbs in one off season eating like crazy, but eating the right things and working my face off in the gym. All muscle too. I didn’t lose any definition or speed. So it is possible. What you need to be eating is a diet high in protein, obviously and a lot of carbs, obviously but what kind of carbs are you putting in your body? Is it breads and processed foods? Or is it potatoes, rice, grains etc. In my opinion those are good carbs. I know people who are completely against eating carbs, that will help you lose fat guaranteed but we don’t want to lose weight as athletes. So carbs are essential for you. Carbs are your energy to perform and your body is like a car. If you put crappy gas in it, it won’t drive as good. You wouldn’t put crappy gas in a Ferrari. So be very careful what you put in your body. Protein, good carbs, and working hard in the weight room will guarantee you to gain weight. And if you still aren’t gaining anything, you should probably look at what you are doing in the weight room, but that’s another article.

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