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When To Change Tempo Off The Line

WRs should change their tempo when they feel a DB has caught onto their speed, let me explain. For a quarter or maybe even 3 quarters of a game a team will be occasionally in heavy man coverage, this can also happen in zone, but let’s use man for this example. And let’s say the DB plays you in a catch technique 3-4 yds off but he’s in man coverage. So, you have been attacking his leverage with speed all game and you’re starting to see less and less separation, now is as good of time as ever to change up your tempo on the route. Instead of coming off the line explosive and fast, maybe you give a hesitation skip, this will completely throw the DB off and he won’t know what to expect, you can almost make him fall asleep with this move. He may end up stopping his feet and then we can make our move. That’s when you should change tempo, and there are plenty of other situations where this works. For example top of the route moves and your stem on a longer route are two places where you can do that. If you want more structured tips on how you can become a better WR, click the link below to get our WR manual! ⬇️

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