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When You Don’t Want To Practice

We all have those days where we don’t feel like going to practice. What exactly does that mean? Do we not have a passion for the game anymore? I am here to tell you that it is completely normal and natural in my opinion. I don’t think anybody loves practice everyday. There is always something we don’t like but that is why we are some of the best athletes in the world. We do the things that we don’t like. The guys who quit the team because they don’t like practice or weight room are soft. You aren't soft if you stay the course. If you show up everyday with attitude that you are going to work and it’s going to pay off, no matter how hard it gets, you will do good things. Practice sucks, especially right now. It is summer, the field gets hot, but you just have to approach it with a better attitude. Find the thing that made you play the game in the first place. It could be your drive to win or it could be just being around 100 of your best friends everyday. Whatever that is, believe me, once that enters your mind you won’t hate practice anymore. You will enjoy it and for those of you at the high school level, you better enjoy it because it goes by fast. Too fast. Just remember why you played this game in the beginning when you were 8 years old. I personally think everyone goes through a phase of hating football but if you can trick your mind into not getting there it will be a much better experience for you. Enjoy the summer workouts and hell week. Their is a pride in working your ass off when you don’t want to. 

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