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Why Most Of You Will Fail

The struggle a lot of athletes have is finding out who they really are as a person. Finding out what motivates you and drives you to the gym everyday or makes you study harder is the key to finding your ”why”.

For me, my why has always been my family. I think when you are motivated to help others or to take care of others, you will work harder. When you have mouths to feed or have to put food on the table it is something deep down that pushes you. But obviously everyone is different. Your motivation could be to buy your mom a house or to take care of your siblings. But the reason most of you will fail is because you lose sight of the vision. You get too focused on what everyone else thinks and what everyone else wants for you. Every person was made different. You have dreams and goals for a reason. Too many of you let someone’s opinion derail you off of your goal. You need to be unshakeable. Nothing will affect you. That desire is in you for a reason. You have to pursue it, and the world has a funny way of getting out of the way.

Especially in football, someone’s goal could be to get a scholarship so their parents don’t have to pay for college. But they get caught up in all the hype of 7on7 and the highlight videos which makes them lose sight on why they started in the first place. They care too much about what the other guy is doing. Not about how they are grinding. Perspective is key. If you are doing something that won’t help you achieve your goal, you have lost sight. Keep your goals, dreams, vision, whatever you want to call it, #1. Don’t let anyone else distract you. If you want something go get it. Period.

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