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Below we will be discussing the biggest mistakes you are making that lead to you not getting recruited. I hope this can help! 

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The reasons why most athletes don’t get recruiting attention comes down to 3 specific things:

1)- No film. You need to understand that it is extremely difficult to get any kind of recruiting attention without VARSITY FILM. If you are in a situation where you want to play college football (maybe you’re an underclassman) and you don’t have varsity film yet, your primary focus this summer/off season needs to be starting on varsity. Yes- going to camps is great, getting your 40 time is great but nobody cares if those skills don’t translate to the field. There are two forms of investment for an athlete. Money & time. You invest money into trainers, programs, coaches etc. Make sure that investment is geared toward getting you better for Friday nights. We want to look good with pads on, not in T-shirt and shorts at a camp. If you don’t have the money to pay for those things, that’s fine. You need to invest time into the process. Get 1% better everyday. There is a ton of free info out there for you to learn and apply to your game so you can be successful on film and start varsity. Your primary goal needs to be getting a great highlight tape if you don’t have one already.  Working on your game is working on the recruiting process. 

2)- Grades. So I normally don’t talk too much about grades, and I should talk about them more. Grades are so important in the recruiting process and they can only help you out. I remember when I was in high school I carried a 3.3-3.5 GPA. Somewhere in there. I thought that was pretty good, until Yale showed up to my high school to recruit me. They pretty much told me that the offer was mine if I would’ve had the grades. They said you need a “perfect SAT” for us to consider you due to my “low GPA” (that’s Ivy League for you). I missed out on an opportunity with an Ivy League school because of a few lazy days of me not wanting to study. I was more focused on the field, in the gym etc. when I should’ve been focused on both. Ultimately I’m glad It didn’t work out because I wouldn’t be doing this- but if you have a dream of playing a high level of football- don’t let grades be the reason you don’t achieve it. Another example is the high school I graduated from had this running back last year… to this date, the best running back I’ve ever seen. He was Najee Harris on steroids… he should be committed to Alabama but had to take a smaller school because he had a 2.5 etc GPA. Please don’t be that guy 

3)- Not building relationships. This time of year, every athlete is going to camps. But you’re going about it the wrong way. You are going to camps to get offered on the spot and impress everyone… very very unlikely. Fellas, those college coaches already know their guys they want. They spent time from February until now traveling all over the country recruiting kids. Seeing someone once in a T-shirt/shorts workout is not going to change their mind. They might notice you and talk with you, which is great! But that’s what you need to go to these camps for, relationships. This ties into reason #1. You need coaches to send your varsity film to. And who better than coaches you have met in person, exchanged DMs with, maybe texts, follow each other etc. So go to camps, but go for the contacts- not necessarily receiving offers. 

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