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Worst Route Running Habits

Some of the worst route running habits I see are all based at the top of the route or at the stem. Right before a lot of receivers make their break they give a huge “indicator” as I like to call it to the DB or defender guarding them. They either slow their feet down and stop taking strides which slows the DB down and lets him know a break is coming or they pick their chest up because they are preparing to drop their pad level and come out of a break. Both are equally as bad. Some people do this so they can get the correct amount of steps on a dig/curl or comeback route. That is the furthest from what I want. Yes I want least amount of steps possible but I want speed and everything to sell vertical first in most situations. So you need to keep the same pad level, same stride length and same hips in every single route you run. Make everything look the same. We can eliminate extra steps, slowing down is hard to fix because that involves you dropping your hips slowly and you need to get more violent which takes time. Use your hips to stop you. Lastly beating the drum or milking the cow as I like to call it is a bad habit that needs to be fixed. It slows your momentum. You want to run in, then run out of every break. Beating the drum just makes extra steps that you could have eliminated by being powerful with your feet, snapping down and running out. Those are the main mistakes I see being made. If you want me to take a look at your route running click the link below and I can provide you with a breakdown just like how I breakdown NFL/College players with their routes. Hope to get you signed up ⬇️

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