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WR Daily Training Schedule

Monday- Route Running Field Work; Leg Work Gym

Tuesday- Press Release Field Work ; upper body gym work

Wednesday- Speed/Agility Work

Thursday- Off Rest Day; film study day

Friday- Route Running Field Work; leg workouts

Saturday- Press Release Field Work; upper body workouts

Sunday- Off Gym; On Field Route tree workouts with a QB

If you guys want a FULL WR workout schedule not only mapping out what workouts you should do but also highlighting the specific exercises & drills along with sets and repetitions for each day, CLICK BELOW! ⬇️⬇️

WE WILL BE IN SAN DIEGO SUNDAY OCTOBER 24th for a 3 hour QB/WR training clinic! We are only allowing 20 spots so click the link below to register because they will fill up fast! I will be working with the QBs & WRs and I will be flying in a D1 speed coach to help you guys with 40yd dash mechanics and overall speed work! Check it out here and reserve your spot. ⬇️

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