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WR Football IQ Quiz

Below we will be giving you a 3 question football IQ quiz! All answers will be located at the bottom of this article. I hope this can help.

Q1)- How would you run a fade route vs inside shade off man coverage? 

Q2)- How would you run a 10yd speed out vs outside shade zone coverage? (DB is sitting at 7-8yds)

Q3)- How would you run a quick 3 step slant vs inside shade press coverage?

Answers Located Below ⬇️⬇️

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A1)- Attack the DBs leverage with your stem and close space with him. Give him a “vertical set” fake or “rocker step” fake inside and then go back outside for the fade.

A2)- Attack his inside shoulder and try to force him to flip his hips to the fade. Don’t attack his leverage- will just widen him to where you want to go.

A3)- Diamond release. 3 hard steps at his outside shoulder and hip- goal is to flip his hips to the fade.

Comment on our social media post what your score was! 

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