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WR Hand Technique Tips

WRs need to be able to work their hands off the line. If they don’t have a plan for their hands and a plan to fight the hands of the DB, they will get pressed and knocked off their route. 2 things I think that are very important is where you keep your hands and where you attack the DB. There are many different techniques to use but these are the key points. You want to keep your elbows tight to your body and relax your upper half. If you have your hands wide and don’t keep your arms tight you can get popped in the rib cage. Elbows tight and relax. Second thing is that you need to attack the points of control of a DB. What I mean by that is his elbows, forearms or back of the shoulder. Those are where you can control him the most, rather than his hands, if you hit his hands he will just re adjust to you. It will not do much. Now the key to getting separation off the line is having a plan for both your hands and your feet, if you want a clear cut list of all the releases you can use/footwork off the line, check out the link below! ⬇️⬇️

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