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WR IQ Test (How Smart Are You?)

How smart of a WR are you? This is going to be a 4 question WR IQ test on some of the more advanced IQ concepts WRs need to know. Try to test yourself to see where you are at. If you get a 3/4-4/4 you have a high football IQ. 1/4-2/4 you need some work and if you miss all 4 questions you need a lot of work. Answers will be located at the bottom of this article

Question 1)- Why would a DB ever line up in outside shade press coverage? (It is not cover 2 in this situation)

Question 2)-How many safeties are there in a cover 3 defense?

Question 3)- How many safeties are there in a cover 4 defense?

Question 4)- If it is Cover 2, what kind of routes can you expect to get the ball on? (Hint- think about the openings and weaknesses of this coverage)