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WR IQ Test (How Smart Are You?)

How smart of a WR are you? This is going to be a 4 question WR IQ test on some of the more advanced IQ concepts WRs need to know. Try to test yourself to see where you are at. If you get a 3/4-4/4 you have a high football IQ. 1/4-2/4 you need some work and if you miss all 4 questions you need a lot of work. Answers will be located at the bottom of this article

Question 1)- Why would a DB ever line up in outside shade press coverage? (It is not cover 2 in this situation)

Question 2)-How many safeties are there in a cover 3 defense?

Question 3)- How many safeties are there in a cover 4 defense?

Question 4)- If it is Cover 2, what kind of routes can you expect to get the ball on? (Hint- think about the openings and weaknesses of this coverage)

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Answer 1)- The DB would line up outside shade because he has inside help and doesn’t want you to get outside. So he’s going to line up outside shade to force you inside to his help and to make it hard on you to run outside breaking routes like out routes and corners

Answer 2)- 1 safety. Everyone automatically assumes that the number of the coverage means how many safeties there are. Odd number coverages have only 1 safety. They call it Cover 3 because the defense is protecting the 3 deep zones of the field.

Answer 3)- 2 safeties. This answer goes with question 2. There are 2 safeties when it is an even number coverage. They are breaking the field up into 4 sections AKA quarters.

Answer 4)- Against cover 2 the weaknesses of the defense are the middle of the field and the area to the sideline between the corners (who have the flats) and the safety. So if you said routes like posts, digs, benders, fades (on a line) and corners… you would be correct

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