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WR Mind Game

The WR position on the line of scrimmage is a mind game. Even when you aren’t getting the ball you are setting the DB up for something, even when you are blocking your job is to make the DB start thinking. When we can get the DB thinking instead of reading and reacting we are doing our job. We just can’t come off the ball lazy, EVER. Never take a play off and I know that sounds corny, it’s not because I want you to “give 110%” as everyone loves to say. It’s because I want you to set the DB up with a release that opens up a route for you later in the game and you can score some points. If you break a DB off the line, he starts thinking. So you come back with that same release but go somewhere else or work a different route you will get him again, then he’s really screwed. That’s why everything is a mind game. 

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