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WR Pre Snap Thought Process

A common question we get asked is what WRs should be thinking before the ball is snapped. We have broke that process down into 3 parts. I hope this helps you keep things simple off the line!

Part 1)- First thing you need to be thinking about is the DBs leverage. How is he playing you? Inside or outside? How deep is he? Is he in press? That can help you organize what to do off the line wether that is to stem him, attack his leverage in press or attack an outside shoulder/inside shoulder. Our plan is based on his leverage.

If you are a WR and you also need to get better at reading coverages and deciding what press releases/ top of the route moves to use in the right situation, checkout the link below! ⬇️⬇️

Part 2)- You need to be thinking about what read your are on the play. So if you are the first read and you have an inside leverage press DB, and you are running a slant route you probably aren’t gonna do a slide release or a really long developing release. You are gonna pick something that is quick. Because you are the first read. If you’re a 3rd read or it’s play action then maybe you can choose something that is a bit longer.

Part 3)- Last but not least you need to identify the safeties and the secondary. This comes down to knowing coverages and what each coverage look is responsible for. This can tell you what the DBs goals are with his press, if he will bail or if he will sit in the flats. You need to be like a second QB on the field when it comes to your pre snap process. And all of this needs to happen very fast. So studying film needs to be a big part of your daily routine so you can get familiar with these concepts and ideas.

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