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WR Press Coverage Test

This will be a 3 question test on your knowledge of press coverage and how you guys can beat it. All the answers will be located at the bottom of this article! I hope this helps.

Q1)- When a DB is lined up inside shade- what part of the field is he trying to force you to?

Q2)- When a DB is lined up outside shade in press- what makes you think it is man coverage? And what can tell you that it might be Cover 2?

Q3)-When a DB is right on the line and he is going to be physical- name 2 releases you could use in this case?

Answers located at the bottom

If you guys would like to learn 20 different press releases, when to use each one against each coverage and drills to work on them… checkout the link below for our 50 minute press release video! ⬇️⬇️

Answer 1)- He is trying to force you outside- he is lined up inside shade to protect the inside and wherever he is giving you (space wise)- he is trying to force you there because he has help there. In this case, the sideline would be his help.

Answer 2)- The eyes. If he is looking at you and squared up to you- it is most likely a man coverage situation. If he is looking at the QB and outside shade- chances are that would be Cover 2. They might disguise the coverage but these are good keys to look for

Answer 3)- Any of these answers would work (split release, step back release, slide release and shock release)

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