WR Press Release Quiz

Below will be a 3 question press release quiz that you guys can use to test your football knowledge and football IQ. The answers will be located at the bottom of this article, I hope this helps!

Q1)- If a DB is lined up outside shade press and you need to run a 10yd out, what is a release concept you can use? (And by release concept I don’t mean a specific release name just like generally what are you supposed to do)

Q2)- If A DB is lined up in head up press, do you need to read him? Or should you just pick a side to release to?

Q3)- If A DB is lined up 2-3yds off but he’s inside shade, and you have to run a post Route should you close the space and give him a move or just run to his outside shoulder and work a re stack?

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A1)- If a DB is lined up in outside shade press and you need to run an outside breaking route, you will be taking an inside release. DBs are taught to never give up the outside when they are in outside shade, so you need to take what he gives you to keep timing with your QB and spacing. So you would attack the DBs leverage off the line. Give him a move where you fake an outside release to widen him and then you will get a free inside release, don’t just run inside and don’t try to square him up and take the outside release. You will get walled to the sideline.

A2)- If A DB is in head up press you need to read him. If you just take off and run to a side he will get hands and re route you. You need to attack the DB or use some kind of release like a split release where you can come to balance, and take the inside or outside release. Make sure read what leverage he is taking and the react accordingly off of that. If he jumps inside, take the outside release & vice versa.

A3)- You would want to close the space and threaten him inside. He’s inside leverage to protect the inside, his help would be the sideline. So if you just take off and run outside he will get his hands into your hip and force you all the way outside almost to the sideline. Attack him, threaten him inside then push back up vertical to re stack.

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