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WR & QB Reading Defenses Test

Below will be a 3 question test on different coverage questions that WRs & QBs should be able to answer correctly- all of the answers will be located at the bottom of this article- I hope this can help!

Q1)- How man safeties are there in Cover 3?

Q2)- As a WR where should your eyes look first when reading a defense & as a QB where should your eyes look first?

Q3)- How many people will be bringing pressure in Cover 0 vs a 2x2 formation? And why is this important to know 

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A1)- 1 safety. Common wrong answer is 3. People assume the number is associated with the safeties but it is not- it’s about the deep zones that will be covered in most cases.

A2)- WRs- safeties & QBs men in the box. As a WR you don’t need to worry too much about the box- you just need to identify how many safeties there are and what coverage the DB is in- keep it simple. Look into the box last for any indication of a blitz etc. 

For QBs your eyes should be on the box first because that can tell you about the coverage- you see that is is a 4-3 front- that means that there is 2 high safeties. If you see that it is a 4-4 that means it is probably a 1 high Safety look based on numbers 

A3)- 6 or 7 guys. You figure if it is 2x2 against Cover 0- that means 4 guys will be in coverage and maybe 1 guy manned up on the RB- if the RB stays in he will bring pressure. So 11 minus 4 equals 7 - therefore 7 guys unless the LB drops in coverage with the RB. This is important to know because if you have 7 guys coming and only 6 guys blocking you need to get the ball out quickly & WRs cannot waste time off the line 

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