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WR Quiz

Below is 5 question WR quiz on the top of t the route- answers will be located at the bottom of this article. I hope you enjoy! 

Q1)- If you re stack a DB on a dig route should you snap down at the break point?

  Q2)- When running a comeback against press- should you re stack directly over the top of him?

Q3)- Name 5 routes that you snap down on?

Q4)- Define a rocker step 

Q5)- Name 4 routes you can use a rocker step on?

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A1)- No, if you snap down and try to make a sharp cut the DB will run into you- you are better off making a sharp cut with a single indicator cut or rocker step type move.

A2)- No, you want to keep him on your inside hip- this is why you should try to run this route from the to of the numbers so you have space.

A3)- Comeback, Curl, hitch, dig, whip

A4)- a rocker step is a double cut at the top of the route- instead of cutting with 1 foot you do a 2 step cut. If you’re on the right side running a post- instead of cutting on your right foot you cut off the left foot first then plant back on the right foot.

A5)- Post, Corner, Dig, 10yd out

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