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This is a quiz for WRs on how they can read defenses and recognize coverage. Refer to the bottom of this article for the answers.

Question 1: How do you tell if a DB is in man coverage or if he is in zone coverage?

Question 2: When A DB is in off man coverage but is lined up outside shade, what does that mean?

Question 3: If you see 2 high safeties but there is man coverage on the slot WRs and outside WRs from the LBs and corners, what coverage is that?

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Answer 1: The Eyes And Stance. A DB will never play man coverage with his eyes in the backfield. So if you see his eyes in the backfield pre snap, you know that it is zone. And if he has his front hip facing you and he is turned facing the QB, chances are that is zone coverage. Yes DBs can disguise the coverage but those are the key indicators you