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WR Reading Defenses Quiz

Below we are giving you a 3 question quiz on how WRs can read defenses. Answers will be located at the bottom of this article! 

Q1)-How would you run a corner route vs. outside shade press man coverage? 

Q2)- How would you run a comeback route vs outside shade off man coverage?

Q3)- How would you run a fade route vs inside leverage catch technique man coverage? 

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A1)- You would attack his leverage outside to widen him- then you would take the inside release- work to either re stack and give him a move or if he’s running hip to hip with you- you can throw him by. We take the inside release because when a DB is outside shade he is taught to never give up the outside release- so on an outside breaking route we need to give the QB space to throw us open- this is why we take the inside release. 

A2)- Attack the inside shoulder hard until you get to the depth of the route- then you throw him by. Cannot get to the outside because DB has outside leverage and a good one will not give it up.