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A lot of WRs always want to have the competitive edge over the other guys on the team. They try to find the one thing that separates them and the one thing you can always do is BLOCK. Blocking is one of the most underrated aspects of the WR position. Everyone loves to do the flashy releases and run the best routes but can you block? Anybody can do the things they like. Can you do the things you don’t like doing? The 2 things you can do to make yourself a better blocker is keep a wide base and always have your feet moving. A lot of guys get too anxious on a block and they run full speed dead ahead at the defender who can get past them with one quick move because the WR has no base. Approach the DB fast but not out of control. Now, a lot of guys will get to the DB and their feet will stop and they are just arm blocking. You need to drive from your legs and keep those feet active so you can stay in front of the DB. The goal should always be to throw him into the sideline. You have to be a beast on the field to be a good blocker. If you struggle with technique talk to your lineman coach at school. They respect the hell out of WRs who can block. 

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