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You Are Focused On The Wrong Thing

In football the off season is a critical time but too many guys just pretend to work and they get nothing accomplished. Your 7on7 team isn’t going to give you any value in the fall. If I am just being honest 7on7 is just for fun. You do not win a ring, you won’t get any offers, and it rarely makes you better. I see the upside for WRs and DBs if they approach it correctly, but if you want to see a QB take 5 hitches and drop into bad habits watch a 7on7 game.

It is easy to work hard. You simply just put in the work. Put your head down and work. It’s not complicated. Too many guys are focused on instant results. “Why Would I work right now the season isn’t until August?” Then those same people are complaining they sit the bench. Your off season should have stared in November/December. That’s when it starts for the greats. They understand the work it takes and if you want to be at that level you need a work ethic like that too.

Dont focus on stars, offers, or exposure. Focus on getting better and fall in love with the process. That’s how you achieve something in this game of football.

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