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You Aren’t Focused

So many of you are worried about the other guy. Worry about youearly

and what you can do. If it doesn’t effect your teammates or your own personal game you should not worry about it.

I see so many guys worrying about what somebody else is doing. They think that because they have success fast or get offers quicker than others it has to happen that way for them. That is not true at all. Stay in your lane. Don’t worry about when success will come, trust the process. Everyone journey is not going to be the same. You look at the NFL Draft prospects this year, they all have different stories and backgrounds. They all didn’t take one path to get to the top.

The thing that really bothers me though, is people who are negative towards somebody who is having success or trying to make a name for themselves. Instead of hating on somebody working why don’t you worry about yourself. If scrolling through somebody’s Instagram takes time away from your goals, don’t do it. Every minute matters. Don’t waste Your time looking at what somebody else is doing. They are actually working. You are just sitting behind a keyboard.

Always need to stay in your lane. Nobody else matters except you and your teammates

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