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15 Minute WR Daily Catching Routine

Below we are going to give you a daily workout WRs can do that will improve their hands in ONLY 15 minutes.


3 Minutes Of Tennis Ball Catches Off The Wall

(Bounce with right hand off the wall- catch with the left hand and then vice versa when you hit 1 minute 30 seconds)

6 Minutes Of Tennis Ball Catches Over The Shoulder

(Stand with your back against a wall, bounce a tennis ball off of the wall and catch with 1 hand. 3 minutes on each hand to improve over the shoulder catching)

6 Minutes Of 10-Rep Finger Tip Push Ups

(Do 10 finger tip push ups then rest for 30 seconds for 6 minutes straight)

If you guys would like a daily workout schedule for WRs mapped out to improve your route running, press releases, hands and overall game with sets/reps and over an hours worth of video showing examples of each drill, checkout the link below!

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