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Today we will be discussing 3 camps that you want to avoid going into this off season. I hope this can help!

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1)- Camps where coaches don’t know you. So this is mainly for athletes who have varsity film. I wouldn’t waste your time going to camps where the coaching staff has no clue who you are. So for example, let’s say you’re in Colorado. And let’s say you’re getting recruiting by like Colorado Pueblo (D2 School) but you want to go to the University Of Colorados camp. I wouldn’t, only reason is that it will be a waste of your time. You’d be better off going to Pueblos camp because the coaches will actually pay attention to you. At the bigger camps where you’re unknown, unless you’re 6’5 or can run a sub 4.5 40 it’s extremely tough to stand out. Just because there are so many people there and there is only one coaching staff. The coaches will be looking at the guys who they are ACTIVELY recruiting. They will not start recruiting new athletes in the summer when they have been recruiting specific players from January-June. So don’t waste your time. I’ve been in your shoes before. You sit there and wonder, “how does that kid know all of these coaches?” It’s because he’s been actively recruited by them since January & he was probably already at the campus 2-3 days before you. If you go to the Pueblo camp in this example, coaches know your name, have seen your film and will actually pay attention to you enough to where you can impress them.

2)- Let’s say you don’t have any varsity film now, where should you go? I would avoid single staff camps like the ones mentioned above. Not that they are bad, but your game is building relationships. You need to meet as many college coaches as possible, get their contact info, Twitter info, follow them and message them after the camp. And where you can meet a bunch of coaches at once at Mega Camps or Satellite Camps. Which is where a smaller division school will have about 10-12 different colleges at their camp. You shouldn’t even go with the mindset of, “oh I need to perform really well and impress”. Not to say that you don’t want to play well- but your goal is to meet people and build relationships.

3)- Now these camps should be avoided by everyone. Exposure camps. Don’t go, it’s going to be a waste of your time… here is why. There are no college coaches there( if there are, then maybe it’s worth it, but usually there isn’t) and nobody cares what your 40 time/combine results were on paper. You could run a 4.3 at a combine showcase camp, but if a college coach doesn’t see it… he’s not going to believe it. He needs to see it with his own eyes… simply because EVERYONE LIES about attributes. So these camps that claim “oh we will send your combine scores to coaches” is going to be a total waste of your time. Then these camps will promote that oh “24-7 sports or rivals will be at our camp”… and? Does that help you with recruiting? Stars don’t matter, college coaches don’t care about how many articles are written about you. They care about if you’re the best damn football player on your team, in your region and in your state. Trust me, the recruiting articles are going to come if you just simply ball out. And you want have to pay $200 to a camp where you were “invited”.

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