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2 QB Throwing Tips

2 tips for QBs when it comes down to throwing mechanics Is the following: dont lift the ball and don’t be tense with your shoulders. You guys have probably heard about the kinematic sequence. That is the sequence you want when throwing. Your front stride should get down and then your hips and then your shoulders followed by the ball. If you lift the ball straight to 90 it throws off your sequence. You will have a front stride as your shoulders are open which can cause a loss in torque and power. Have some kind of a back stroke. Doesn’t need to be a perfect L but it can’t be straight up or straight down. Lastly, a common mistake everyone teaches is holding the ball up on “the shelf” or at your ear. If you do that your elbows become tense and your traps become tense. If you are tense with your upper half it takes away the energy you can produce with your lower half. Your body can only produce so much force and if that force is limited because of your shoulders that is not good. If you want a full QB mechanics manual on EVERYTHING you need to know about throwing and playing the QB position, check out the link below! ⬇️⬇️

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