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2 Tips For Catching In Traffic

When it comes to catching in traffic I think 2 things are essential. You need to have awareness of where the defender is at and go up strong. If you can understand that a DB is going to try to rip your hands to get the ball out, you will have a better time catching in traffic. The main things that guys struggle with is putting the ball away after they secure it. They hold the ball out in front of them for too long and it causes drops. If you can catch, secure and then put it away quickly you will have an easier time catching over the middle and catching in double coverage. Now when you go up for that ball you don’t want to go up soft with your arms. You want to go up strong. Go up with a strong grip but soft hands. If you go up soft a DB will put physical you. If you want a full program on how you can improve your hands, catching in traffic, and overall game WITHOUT a QB, click the link below! ⬇️⬇️

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