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2 Tips To Get A Stronger Arm

2 things that QBs can do to improve their arm strength mechanically is the following: produce more ground force and be able to get more torque on their throws. 2 things I want to discuss are the front arm and the base. When it comes to torque everyone knows that it’s from hip and shoulders dissociation but when you finish on the throw you need to make sure you finish with your shoulders square to the target and your front hand by your face like you are eating a sandwich. This gives your motion that snappiness, or twitchyness that everyone loves to refer to. Almost want to pull your front arm back to your frame. Secondly your base is so important, because if you have a weak base or a narrow base, it does not allow your hips to rotate. If you sit back at your hips and sit your butt down you are in a more balanced position. This allows you to push more and create more ground force that turns into rotational force. Almost like you are on a surfboard or skateboard you want to be balanced. A balanced base allows your hips to rotate through and it allows you to be stable with your lower half. If you want a full arm strength manual with ALL of the mechanical things that you need to produce more ground force and more torque and a full 28 Day Arm Strength Workout Plan, click the link below! 

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