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2 Tips To Improve Your Hands At Home

2 Tips to improve your hands at home are the following: tennis ball drills and grip strength work. If you have 2 tennis balls there is no excuse to not work some kind of hand eye coordination drill. Even if that means bouncing them off of the wall and catching them. A drill I like to do with my guys is have them stand with their back up against a wall and toss a tennis ball over their head and force them catch it over their shoulder. It’s a great drill for guys to do who need to improve their over the shoulder tracking. Secondly, what you can be doing is working on your grip strength. If you improve your grip strength your catching will be much better. My favorite exercise to do for this is finger tip push ups. If you can’t do a normal one, do kneeling ones. It’s a great way to get the webbing of your hands stronger. If you want to become a more well rounded receiver who can run better routes and create separation a long with learning what moves to use click the link below! ⬇️⬇️

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