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2 WR Hand Technique Tips

WRs when they are working their hand technique need to be attacking the points of control on a DB and they need to execute their plan. Those are the two main things in my eyes for a receiver to have success with their hands against press. The points of control on a DB are the elbows, forearms and back of the shoulder. Don’t just swat his hands. It won’t do anything, attack the points of control. And be firm with your hand, don’t swat at him with a weak wrist. Secondly, having a plan is so important, just knowing off the line where you need to go and how you can do it will help you slow the game down. If you need to go inside, make sure you beat his inside arm. It’s really that simple, don’t worry about all the fancy stuff, get off press and keep timing. If you want more advanced tips off the line and advanced tips when it comes to route running, check out the link below to get access to our full WR manual where we breakdown the correct way to play the WR position⬇️⬇️

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