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3 BEST Muscle Groups For WRs To Train

The first one is obviously legs. Legs are super important for balance, stability, cutting and explosion. If you don’t have strong legs you will not be able to efficiently cut and run routes at the WR position. So do exercises like squats, lunges, pistol squats, split squats etc. all for your legs. I don’t believe in Machine work for WRs like leg press. It will help with leg size but free weight exercises help you build core strength/stability as well. We need to train like football players not bodybuilders.

The second muscle group that you should emphasize as a WR is hips/fast twitch movements. I know fast twitch isn’t a muscle group but it really works your entire body. Doing exercises like power cleans, box jumps, push jerk, snatch etc. will all help your fast twitch muscle fibers develop. This is why guys like Jerry Jeudy or Davante Adams are so twitchy and quick. They have a lot of fast twitch muscle fibers. Slow twitch muscle fibers are heavily found in athletes like distance runners or soccer players. And I guarantee you that they would not be good route runners or receivers. They just don’t have the body type for it. If you guys would like a 12 week long workout schedule for WRs to improve your speed, explosiveness, balance and power checkout the link below! These weight room workout splits are designed specifically for the WR position to help you with on field performance. Check it out here ⬇️⬇️

And last but not least, I think core is essential for WRs to work. This will help you make tough catches, make cuts and allow you to be more balanced. Core strength helps you with having a good center of gravity and you have the ability to do more athletic movements efficiently. Guys who have a weak core usually struggle with hip flexibility and mobility and they struggle with driving their legs. These all can effect you negatively at the WR position. Make sure you have a strong core and lower back.


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