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3 Biggest Mistakes WRs Make With Recruiting

The main mistake WRs make with recruiting is only building a relationship with their position coach. In the recruiting world each college assigns one coach to the area to be the recruiting coordinator. So even if he’s a linemen coach, he’s still responsible for recruiting receivers. So obviously that linemen coach doesnt understand the position like how a strictly WR guy would. So you need to make sure on film you are showcasing the correct skills! Showcase to that coach a great route running ability, ability to beat man coverage, catching and explosion with/without the ball. If you want a full 4 week on field WR workout schedule to work on just that click below! We have all the drills you need to do mapped out into a specific plan with sets and reps below! Check it out here ⬇️

The second biggest mistake WRs make in the recruiting process is putting all of their eggs in one basket. You shouldn’t just send your film to one school or one division of schools. Your goal is to get your education paid for and that’s what you need to be focusing on. Send you film to all schools. D1, D2, D3, NAIA and more. You never know what coach may move on to a higher position and a bigger school and try to recruit you from there. The coaching world is a small world.

The last mistake WRs make is thinking that 7on7 and all of that flashy stuff matters. Coaches want to see you in pads. They don’t care how fast you can do ladder drills and all of the obstacle course drills. So make sure that what you do in practice and when you are training applies to in game situations. The 4 week workout schedule I mentioned above has exactly that, GAME REALISTIC DRILLS. Coaches recruit off of film from 11on11 varsity games. Not your weekend 7on7 tournament. Yes those are fun to compete in but they won’t do much for you recruiting wise. Make sure you are always considering your best interest for your future.


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