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3 BIGGEST WR Route Running Mistakes

Mistake 1) Reaching for cuts. A lot of WRs think that reaching out to get depth on a route is the way to make the timing consistent with their QB. But frankly, a QB is throwing based off a timing of steps. When you get to the next level all of your routes will be off of steps. “3rd inside” “4th outside” etc. so this doesn’t allow you to reach. You are forced to make cuts in stride. So when you are training, try to emphasize doing all of your cuts off of steps to make them more crisp.

Mistake 2) The second mistake WRs do, which is related to reaching on a cut is dragging their back foot. You DO NOT need to drag your feet. Yes I know it helps, but the drag simply is wasted motion. You do not need it. So when you cut, be more sudden with the leg you are planting on. The suddenness and explosion of the cut is what will change direction for you. The drag sometimes gives you “balance” but it only serves to slow you down. Focus on building leg strength, ankle stability and knee stability to cut at a high speed without dragging your foot.

If you guys would like a 4 week workout schedule for WRs with all of the ON FIELD drills you need to do to improve your cutting, ankle stability, knee stability and overall route running click below ⬇️⬇️

Mistake 3) The last mistake that WRs make when it comes to route running is attacking a DBs leverage every time it is off man coverage. So for example if you are running a dig route and a DB is inside shade, if you attack his leverage and try to “square him up” the DB will simply weave to the inside and keep his leverage. And then you’re gonna run a dig right into him. So with your dig route against inside shade you want to attack outside shoulder to flip his hips and you can throw by/slip under. Attacking a DB and “stemming” him is not for every situation.

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