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3 DAILY WR Gym Exercises

Obviously as athletes, especially Wide Receivers you are constantly running, lifting and performing on the field. However you cannot be lifting everyday and expect your body to grow. You need time to recover and to rest, but below we are going to discuss 3 exercises that you can add to your daily routine to help your on field performance. I hope you enjoy!

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Exercise 1)- Farmers Carry (or any kind of grip strength work). Farmers carry is to help build your grip strength. Your grip can always be improved so holding two heavier dumbbells and simply walking with the weight(a farmers carry) will help your hand strength improve which will lead to better hands on the field.

Exercise 2)- The second exercise that will help you is any kind of core work. I feel like your core needs to be exercised almost everyday so any kind of Russian twist, crunches, sit ups etc. can be done everyday to help you with balance and upper body stability.

Exercise 3)- Stretching! I know this isn’t a lift but you need to be stretching your hips, hamstrings, groin and overall lower body. This should be done everyday, sometimes twice a day. If you want to get more mobility with your hips to improve breaks, make smoother cuts and to change direction you must stretch!

If you guys would also like a 90 Day WR gym workout schedule with all the specific workouts you should do with sets/reps , checkout the link below!

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